1970 Form 3A4

1970 3A4

Arman, Jeofry Yusoff, Shamsuri Osman, Shahnam Hamid, Salehuddin, Rahmat, Salim and Haniff

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3 Responses to 1970 Form 3A4

  1. Chong Ah Lai says:

    Hey, I know most of the guys in the picture!!!! Some of them became my classmates in Form 4A2 (1971) & 5A2 (1972)………trying very hard to remember their names though. Great to see pictures of my old friends!!! I think I was in 3A3 in 1970.

  2. Ramlan Abdul Ghani says:

    Far left back row,third and fifth also back row used to be my classmates. I can’t remember whtr in Form 2,3 or 4.

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