Treasure Hunt AROBA 2014

treasure 2014

Rules and Regulations

Download this form Borang treasure hunt aroba and return the form to us by 28 Nov 2014

  1. Entry Form must be fully completed, with the Declaration of Indemnity signed and the fees paid before it can be officially accepted as an entry. Entries will be accepted henceforth and limited to the first 30 teams on a first-come-first served basis.
  2. Entry Form should reach Treasure Hunt Secretariat by the registration deadline on 28 November 2014
  3. Hunt briefing will be on 29 November 2014 at Bohemia Galeri, 62 Jalan Raja Uda, Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Beginner participant are encouraged to attend the Hunt briefing session.
  4. Participating vehicles shall be motorized and travelled on 4 wheels (excluding lorries and buses) having valid roadtax and insurance as at the day of the hunt
  5. The Driver and Navigator of each team must posses valid driving licenses as at the day of the hunt.
  6. One of the team member must be member of AROBA or ex-student of Ampang Road Boys school
  7. The languages used in this hunt will be English and Malay only
  8. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules, change or postpone the date or cancel the event if its deemed needful
  9. The decision of awarding prizes and points by the Clerk-of-Course and panel of judges is final and binding. Protest will not be entertained under any circumstances
  10. All cheques are to be crossed and made payable to or cash deposit at the following name and bank account.
  • Bank               : CIMB
  • Name             : AROBA
  • Bank Ac No  : 800-111-0346

Any inquiries please call the following official

  • Azman Long                         HP NO: 012-2277 229
  • Halek Mohd Afidi               HP NO: 019-2410 161
  • Munzir                                  HP NO: 019-2072 876
  • Shahirman                           HP NO: 018-9034 864



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